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November 8, 2019

A Shared Task for the Digital Humanities: Annotating Narrative Levels

Cologne The special issue on SANTA, our shared task with a narratological focus, has started to appear in the open access journal Cultural Analytics, edited by Evelyn Gius, Nils Reiter, and Marcus Willand. In the next weeks, individual guidelines will be put online one after the other. This post will be updated with links to all articles in the issue. Thanks to the crew of Cultural Analytics, as well as all the guideline authors and reviewers for making this happen!

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September 18, 2019

QuaDramA: Tracking Character Knowledge (Q:TRACK)

I’m pleased to announce that QuaDramA, the research project by Marcus Willand and myself, will receive additional funding soon. In this extension called Q:TRACK, we will investigate knowledge about social relations in drama, focusing on family relations. The core idea is to track the distribution and dissemination of social knowledge by detecting the knowledge characters have, acquire and share during the course of dramatic action. In order to accomplish this, Q:TRACK combines methods from computational linguistics and digital humanities with theoretical and historical expertise of literary studies. The project builds on the research we have done in QuaDramA so far.

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